Material Study Through the Lens of Craft
Through an intense study of three materials, three classmates and myself questioned the impact of craft on the design and construction of architecture. In studying wood, glass, and metal, products were created in a variety of experiments such as the creation of a telescoping table from local lumber yard “outs”, the practice of welding steel frames to display the effects of molten glass poured onto their structure, and the reaction that occurs when glass is combined with rotting tree limbs. Along with this study of making, I was able to document our work and produce an interactive story entitled “The Design Complex” that depicted the adventures of the semesters work and the products created. My role in this project was primarily aimed at the design of the wood table and digital media recording and display. This exercise in media exploration synchronized my work in architecture and digital media and was utilized during a final gallery exhibition curated and installed in the public space of the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University.
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