Many Hands One Art
Art and design work is constantly appropriated as one hand signs the work of many. Authorship is accredited to the already powerful as the work itself veils the identities of those who produced it. In my experiences within the practice of architecture my work is signed by another as a verification of legitimacy and an example of bureaucracy. This work represents the first drawing I produced for an architectural construction set where I was told to create the drawing as if I were going to hang it up in a frame on a wall at my house.
By asking the community of architecture students at SAIC to sign tags made of plastic they participated as a representation of the community of artists and designers that could have been involved in the creation of the drawing that veils their identities. The tags have been distorted to promote an aesthetic of community rather than individuality. So, in this piece I choose to let the hands of the artists and designers stand unveiled in an effort to portray the fact that this work was indeed created by many hands.
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